Thursday, August 28, 2008

Josh Maday frightens the other passengers when he forces himself into the cockpit with a gun and screams his last name over the loudspeaker repeatedly

it has been a bad night.
it is not a good idea to swallow benadryl when you are working an overnight shift, but it is probably more of a good idea to swallow benadryl when you are working an overnight shift than when you are working a day shift.

i am all fucked up, but not as fucked up as after i swallowed it. at least my nose is not dripping on random objects anymore. benadryl is good if you want to feel like shit and don't want to feel like shit. the cops are pulling over every person with a car tonight. they are doing it twice. they are looking for people who are driving under the influence of benadryl. i just received an email. the notification soundtone is soothing. i hope it is something good.


Gina Ranalli said...

It seems I'm always fucked up on Benedryl. The prescribed allergy meds never work. Benedryl is the only thing that does but I have to take 3 or 4 of them now.


Josh Maday said...

it's kind of amazing how just a little pink pill of benadryl can kick my face in and leave me for dead. i could never work after taking that stuff. you are superman.

hey, about the post title: i tried that on a tour bus once but it didn't work, everyone just stared at me. then keanu reeves moaned from the toilet in the back that everything was going to be okay. then he came out and popped one of his movies into the dvd player. that's when people began screaming.

Jess Gulbranson said...

Yeah, everyone in my family (self included) can take one benadryl and it's hello darkness my old friend.

My girlfriend takes them and it's more like hitting someone in the head with a brick. Enough of them and they pass out, but in the mean time they just get fucking crabby.

ryan call said...

i like this post title