Sunday, August 10, 2008

Brandi Wells has negative feelings about fitness clubs

I am in my brother's kitchen. He lives in Cambridge, near Harvard maybe. He is either sleeping or watching TV or sleeping while watching TV. Yes, he might be one of those people who does that. I did not know this.

My sleep schedule is inconvenient. I am a little drunk, which makes me a little bored since I am by myself. I drank two beers at his apartment, then I bought a beer at a bar.

I don't drink very much, so it does not take much for me to get drunk. It is nice. I don't have very much money. Bar beer is expensive and liquor store beer is cheap.

The bar had a $5 cover charge because some loud, mediocre band was playing. I think they probably sounded like the hundred other bands that are playing in Boston tonight.

We were hesitant about paying the cover charge, so the door guy said that we only had to pay one cover charge for the two of us. I still owe my brother $2. We left after finishing our beers. I don't think I like Cambridge. It is filled with crowded bars that are filled with people who I don't want to be in the same room with. Maybe I would like it during the day. I think I have liked it in the past.

I might have found a place to stay for next month. It is on a bus line that comes very infrequently and a little far from the "real" bus stop, so I am considering buying a car or bicycle. I do not think the bicycle would work very well in the snow. I went to check out the place. I liked my potential roommates a lot. It felt like we hung out. I've never clicked with potential roommates so well during an apartment interview. I would be surprised if I didn't get the room. They are supposed to make their decision by Monday.

I had a place to stay last week, but the sense of calmness that finding that out only lasted for a couple of hours. Because the guy called back two hours after telling me that I could have the room with a "sorry."

It was very close to my work. It was pretty cheap. The guy turned me down the first time because he decided to give it to a friend from high school instead. Then the beginning of the month comes around and he cannot get in contact with his high school friend. He calls me. He tells me this. He asks me if I still want the room. I say, sure. He tells me he will call the next day to confirm. He calls me the next day to confirm. My stress melts away. He calls me back two hours later. My stress comes back seven-fold. He tells me that his friend from high school dropped his cell phone in a toilet. That he could not get in touch with him. That he had already moved all of his stuff and had nowhere else to go. He said, Sorry.

But this other place seems to be a much better living situation, except for being far away from work.

I've been listening to the Jesus and Mary Chain a lot lately. I like them a lot. I was listening to their album, Honey's Dead, at work the other night. The first song is good. It is amusing and has naughty vocals: "I wanna die like JFK. I wanna die on a sunny day. I wanna die like Jesus Chris."

The last song is a reprise of the first song. A different version.

The other night, I noticed it suddenly turns into the song, Roadrunner, by the Modern Lovers. I thought I was hallucinating because I have been playing Roadrunner obsessively lately. And I have heard the Jesus and Mary Chain song a few times since hearing Roadrunner and never noticed it.

But I've played the Jesus and Mary Chain song a few times since and I was not hallucinating: "I wanna die like JFK...with the radio on."


Brandi Wells said...

"My body stay vicious. I be up in the gym just working on my fitness. Here's my witness: I put your boy on rock, rock and he be lining down the block just to watch what I got."

Grant Wamack said...

I thought the first sentence was I'm in my brother's skeleton.But my mistake,let me savor this bone marrow.