Monday, August 18, 2008

Gina Ranalli is probably not as easily confused as I am

I was reading the paper last night and realized that Stephen Colbert and Steve Carrell are totally different people. I thought they were the same person. When I saw one of their last names, I forgot all about the other person's last name. I have thought they were the same person for many years. The body of work for each of these actors have been scrunched into one in my mind.

Am I totally delusional for not realizing this until now?

They do have a lot of similarities. Similar appearance. Both were on the Daily Show. Almost the same first names. Same initials/first letter of their last names. I think their humor may be similar. Is their humor similar? I can't remember.

Stephen Colbert seems to be the more political of the two. He's not a big movie guy. He rarely appears on a television show that isn't on Comedy Central. He co-created, wrote, and acted in Strangers with Candy, which is probably my favorite TV show. I think I like Stephen Colbert better than Steve Carrell, but I'm not really sure because I haven't really been able to separate them yet in my mind.

Today is blogging about bloggers day or something. Mike Bushnell came into my gas station a couple of nights ago and told me about it. He said he was going to forward me an email about it. He never forwarded me the email. I was going to blog about him out of revenge for not forwarding me the email, but Blake Butler already blogged about him. I guess I'll do it anyway.

The first time I contacted Mike Bushnell was when I made a comment about his blog to ask him a question about professional wrestling.

Mike Bushnell talks on his cell phone a lot. He lives near me. I don't know him well, but he seems very nice.

The first time he was less than 100 feet away from me was on the fourth of july. I don't think I met him that night, but I might have. The person responsible for the TTB persona (who I work with) came into the store. He told me that he and Mike had just went to a (maybe midnight?) viewing of the movie, Independence Day. I think I asked him why he went to see it because I do not understand someone wanting to see that movie more than once. I told the person behind the TTB persona that I wanted to meet Mike. The person responsible for the TTB persona told me that he was talking on his cell phone in his car. I don't think I met him that night, although I might have. I have a bad memory. I'm pretty sure I saw him in the driver seat in his car.

Probably the first time I met Mike Bushnell was when he came into the gas station to pick the person responsible the TTB persona up after I showed up to do the next shift. He handed me Andrew Boye's chapbook (which I had pre-traded for an issue of Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens) and a copy of Joe Lindsay's chapbook (which he gave to me for free because the cover had been put on upside down). Mike Bushnell seemed a little nervous, but that might have been my imagination.

Later, I read those two chapbooks. Much later, I read Sam Pink's chapbook. The chapbooks that Mike Bushnell publishes are really great reads.

Probably the second time I met Mike Bushnell was a couple of nights ago when he told my about the blogging about bloggers day. He came in and was talking to somebody on his cell phone. I interrupted him to ask, "Are you Mike?" because I have a really bad visual memory. He said, "Yes," then he went back to his call. He talked for a while. Then he stopped talking on the phone and started talking to me for a little while. I liked how he didn't just buy something while he was on his cell phone and leave like most people do. I mentioned that I was looking for a place to live for next month. He mentioned how he was moving to Easthampton and there might be an extra room in his house and he would let me know.

I think it would be nice to live with Mike Bushnell. I don't like living with random people I meet on Craig's List and Mike Bushnell seems very nice.

After talking to me for a little while, someone else called him. He talked with them for a while. I think he realized that it was going to be a while longer, so he said goodbye to me and left.

I think Mike Bushnell might be a very popular person. Either that or he is a phone sex operator.

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