Monday, March 24, 2008

something I found on my hard drive that I like and don't remember writing

This would have been the first sentence in my story if I hadn’t been distracted by an email that I received concerning my penis’s disappointment over its size. My email program is set to notify me of messages of equal or greater importance by casting a fishing hook into my nostril. Taking my kilobyte-sized memory bank under consideration, I respond to the message immediately: “Yes, I would like to take advantage of your exciting new offer. Please tell me where to send the check so I can pay the runaway mule and strong rope rental fee.” Now finished, I can once again devote my resources to exploring the mysteries of the first sentence. I scan my creative valve for the name of the town that I want the story to be set in, but it has run dry. After two hours, staring at the blank screen begins to bore me, so I log onto an Internet forum to kill the time until I’m able to think of something that’s appropriate.

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