Thursday, March 27, 2008

I like breakfast burritos because of the alliteration

The view from my friend's apartment is amazing at night. You can see all of Salt Lake City's lights. Right now, the view looks apocalyptic. Everything is pure white. Because it is snowing.

Eric Blair tried to convince me to move back here. I am considering it. Probably not though. It's hard to exist out here without a car. Maybe if I could get a job nearby wherever I would be living? I hate the public system. It is atrocious and confusing. And almost all of the jobs that I got when I was living here were on the outskirts of the city and required numerous bus transfers. This also involved sitting in the heat and the cold for a half an hour each time I needed to wait for another bus.

I had a little trouble getting through security in Boston. Because I have two pairs of black sneakers that look a lot alike. Because I accidentally wore one sneaker from each pair. Because of this, security needed to do additional testing to each sneaker. I do not know why. I think maybe shoe-bomb terrorists wear two different pairs of sneakers when they try to inflict shoe-bomb terror. Shoe-bomb terrorists are thinking about the future. They are thinking that if they survive their attack, the shoe where they didn't hide the bomb will survive as well. And then they will have the matching shoe at home and they won't have to buy new shoes. Shoe bomb terrorists are thrifty.

I have been meaning to buy new shoes for a while. This gives me an excuse. I hope I stumble across a shoe store.

I met Eric Blair and Andersen Prunty and his wife at the airport yesterday. I met Andersen Prunty once before at a midnight reading that I did at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Boston-ish. Amy Sedaris did a reading there the month before. But it was not at midnight.

Andersen Prunty just had his first non-self published book released by Eraserhead Press. I have published a few stories of his in the past. We all shared a taxi to the hotel where they are having the World Horror Convention.

Carlton Mellick and his wife, Rose, showed up outside while the cab driver was removing our baggage from the trunk. It felt It was nice to finally meet them. I wish I had spoken to them for longer. I regret this, but I will see them again today. Eric Blair was walking away, towards my friend, Jesse's apartment, where I am staying. He had one of my two suitcases. I needed to follow.

Later, since I hadn't eaten for like eight hours, we went to The Training Table with Jesse. The Training Table is a burger restaurant that I like a lot. There is a phone at your table. You order your burger through it. When your burger is ready, your phone buzzes and a light on it blinks. This is great. You don't have to tip. I don't think there's even a designated jar-like thing for tipping. It is nice not having to tip at a decent restaurant when you are poor.

Whenever I go to The Training Table, I always get an urge to report a Burger-related crime. Or ask them if there's a Mike Hunt there or something.

Salt Lake City has some really good eateries, unless you are vegetarian. It is not a good place to be vegetarian, unless you have a large sum in your bank account. I was a vegetarian when I came here to leave. A year passed and I was no longer a vegetarian. I ate a McDonald's Burger and went to a As I Lay Dying show. I liked both of those things a lot. I do not like McDonald's burgers anymore. I wasn't really fond of meat before I became a vegetarian. Now I like it a lot. I never heard of As I Lay Dying before I stopped being a vegetarian. My housemate, Jimmy who sometimes goes by Martin J, Dekay because he is either goth or something or really likes the work of actor, Tim DeKay, was working as a doorman at a night club. He told me that I could go to any shows that I wanted for free. So one night, I had nothing to do and went to a random show with a bunch of bands that I had never heard of and ate a McDonald's hamburger. I liked As I Lay Dying a lot. I still listen to them often. They are my guilty pleasure. I feel like only fourteen year olds listen to them. And guys who like to wear bandanas over their faces and do karate moves in the mosh pit. I've have a not-so-lifelong dream to start a hardcore band, get really popular, yank of sheets to reveal synthesizers at a show while guys are doing karate moves in the mosh pit, do the greatest cover of the Mortal Combat theme song while guys are doing karate moves in the mosh pit, and break up after that song.

Here is a list of places that I want to go to eat during the next week.

Carl Jr's: Home of the only edible fast food burger. And it is sooo good.

Hogi Yogi, which I refer to as Teriyaki Stix for some reason. They are like a fast food Japanese noodle place. It is awesome and cheap. It is in Sugar Bush. Sugar Bush is an area of Salt Lake City where I used to live by. It sort of feels like the Boho area, although there is not much there. Mostly, it has a coffee shop, a Barnes and Noble, a vintage clothing store which my friend manages, a used CD store, a Scientology recruiting center, and a dollar movie theater. I used to go to the movie theater all the time when I was unemployed. Movies are a lot less disappointing when they cost a dollar. My favorite movie that I saw there and thought was going to suck was the Dawn of the Dead remake, It was written by the guy who wrote Tromeo and Juliet. And the two Scooby Doo movies. I love the two Scooby Doo movies. I love Scooby Doo.

Betos: This is a greasy burrito joint that is filled with lardy deliciousness. There is a lot of good Mexican food here since it is close to the border, I think. It looks like Betos changed its name. There was a sign there that said something like Different Name, Same Owners, Same Great taste. I wonder why they changed their name? My friend tells me that it was only at that one location.

My back just started killing me. Last night, I slept on an uncomfortable couch-bed. I am considering just sleeping on the couch version of it tonight, or maybe in a hotel room.

La Frontera: This was a block away from my house when I lived in the barrio. I went there every day for a while because there were no other places to eat within walking distance. They have really good burritos. I used to order their breakfast burritos a lot. I miss their breakfast burritos.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that you are poor. It sucks that you lost your job. You probably shouldn't have married Blythe. The alimony and child support must be very difficult for you to pay. You probably had to sell your return ticket for food, it'll be okay. You can stay in my room until you get back on your feet - I take care of my friends.

This guy is a writer with a blog:

Bradley Sands said...

I will link him if he posts more blog entries that aren't either stories or announcements of work published.