Monday, March 17, 2008

An Interview with Jesse

Jesse is still doing overnights with me. I do not know why.

What is your favorite sugary cereal commercial character?

The chubby Apple Jack guy and the tall cinnamon stick guy. Because they are really silly looking.

Why are things that are silly looking appealing to you?

Because I am silly looking.

What are the perks of being silly looking?

In your own way, you are extremely photogenic.

You told me that you were going to New York City yesterday to act in a movie. You told me that you were not playing a zombie. Did you get eaten by a zombie?

I think it's funny that you assume that it's a zombie movie.

So you did get eaten by a zombie, right?


Did getting eaten by a zombie hurt a little?

It always does.

If a zombie teen came into the store and asked for a pack of Newport Lights, would you card him?

No, I would shoot him in the head with a shotgun.

A zombie teen has just entered into the store. You should shoo

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