Wednesday, March 26, 2008

i love

I just bought a small bottle of water for $2.50. This means that I am in an airport in NY. If the bottle of water had cost $5.00, that would mean that I was at the Warped Tour. But it is not the summer, and the Warped Tour does not offer incredibly slow, free wireless internet. Still, this airport is nice for offering incredibly slow, free wireless internet. The Boston airport wanted my credit card number in exchange for the privilege. Same thing for the train station.

I am sitting at a table that is designated as a Mobile Charging Station. This means that instead of having a fancy umbrella, the table has a pole with a number of outlets in its place. This is very nice of the airport since my computer's battery lasts for like an hour.

I think I left my computer on in stand-by mode during take off. Oops. The plane may have crashed because of this. I may be in the afterlife. I may be in the afterlife because the pilot said that all electrical devices need to be turned off during lift off and landing.

I will try to remember to turn off my computer the next time I stand up and walk away.

I have a complex about writing in public. I think I am getting over this complex. I am not really bothered by it now. But I am not really writing. I am blogging. I do not understand this complex. I want people to read what I have written in its finished form, but I feel uncomfortable about them looking over my shoulder. I think it may have something do to with anonymonity. If people read what I have written in a book or online, they only have a name to connect me to. They do not have a physical body. I do not mind introducing my physical body to people have read my work, but it unnerves me for someone to watch me as I'm in the process of completing it.

I like this writing in places besides my room and work thing though. I will try to do it more.

It's not like people can even see what I'm typing from a few feet away. Laptops have an annoying glare. This annoying glare works to my benefit in this instance.

There's something romantic about writing while traveling. It is not romantic. It is silly. It still feels a little romantic though. I hate traveling. This is the first time I have left Massachusetts for a couple of years.

I meant to blog from my brother's apartment in Boston. It would have felt romantic. But I didn't because I was very tired. I did not get any sleep that day. I tried, but it did not work. It takes me about an hour to fall asleep. Falling asleep is very boring. I am not crazy about exposing myself to this boredom when I need to be awake in another four hours to catch a train. I get bored very easily these days. I don't think I ever really got bored until a couple of years ago. Now I am paying for all those years of non-boredom.


makroneirios said...

Writing while traveling can be strange, especially on a plane. I was more comfortable watching an episode of 24 (where people were being tortured) on a plane, than having people see me writing. That may not say much for my writing anyway.

Ideally, I write while traveling for work, that way I technically get paid to do it, but there the rewards end.

Love your titles.

Bradley Sands said...

Thank you for loving my titles.