Friday, March 21, 2008

the pharmicist's daughter

Every man who comes into my gas station to buy condoms feels the need to ask me if we have them and where they are located. I find this strange. I haven't bought condoms in eons, but whenever I did, I would feel uncomfortable. I would not ask the store clerk where they were located. Instead, I would spend the extra minute and a half it took to find them. I believe that these men who buy condoms feel a need to proclaim their manly-manliness to someone, and the person who they have chosen is me.

The managers made me watch some training videos on my first day. One was about dealing with armed robbers. This made me feel paranoid. I asked the district manager if our store had ever been robbed. He said, "No." Maybe he lied. I do not know. He may have been telling the truth. I live in a very safe area. I work in a very safe area. A trucker lady told me that I worked in the country about an hour ago. I have never really thought of it as being the country. I believe that she might be correct.

My gas station is next to a church and a courthouse. Perhaps armed robbers will rob my gas station after being acquitted of armed robbery. But that will happen during the day, so I am safe. Perhaps armed robbers will rob my gas station before being acquitted of armed robbery. This will happen near the end of my shift and I will be fucked. I think walking calmly to your court appearance is an excellent getaway plan.

The police station is 1.3 miles away. I just looked this up. I did research for this blog entry.

When I called the police about the fire, they got here very quickly. They might have taken three minutes. Mapquest says that it takes three minutes to drive from the police station to my gas station. I always wondered how they determine these amounts. Maybe the speed limit is the default traveling speed.

The training video about dealing with armed robbers said that the best way to deal with an armed robber is to pay attention while working. This is what an armed robber is looking for when he chooses a gas station to rob. He is looking for a cashier who is not paying attention so he can take them by surprise. The training video about dealing with armed robbers showed an example of a cashier who was not paying attention while working. She was a woman in her twenties who liked to read. She was caught by surprise by an armed robber because she was engrossed by a book.

I guess my overlords do not want me to read books while on the job. I wonder how they feel about counting cigarettes? When I count cigarettes, my back is turned. This is not the case when I read books. I wonder how my overlords feel about writing blog entries?

I do not think my mother wants me to write blog entries at work. When I told her about the job, she was worried about armed robberies. Now that I am still alive, I believe she is a little less worried.

I love working at a gas station. I hate working at a gas station. I really hope I get accepted into an MFA program next year.

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