Monday, March 31, 2008

Empire Strikes

I am sitting in a library in Salt Lake City that looks like a space station. It has lots of floors of glass walkways. It looks a little like the death star in star wars or whatever space station the storm troopers matched around in those movies. There are storm troppers marching around. There are only two. Two police officers. A man and a woman. I wonder if they love each other.

Everything is very bright in here. It is very glarey. I am having trouble seeing my computer screen. I do not think there is one dark place in the library. Perhaps they are trying to make up for all the libraries that are filled with shadows and poor lighting.

A huge snowball just hit the window ledge next to where I am sitting. It made me a little jumpy. It snowed last night. These snowballs keep hitting the window ledge. It is like the roof is having a snowball fight with the other floors. It snowed last night. Why does it keep snowing? These windows are enormous. From the outside, the library looks like a giant sculpture that someone decided to convert into a library. There are some spaces for windows that aren't being used. They are just standing in the open air. One day, maybe they will give these spaces windows. The spaces will be fulfilled. They will finally feel cheery after years of emptiness and morbidity.

The horror convention is over. I went yesterday afternoon, but everybody who I was hanging out with had vanished. This was ok because I was feeling like hell. It might have something to do with drinking a lot the night before. Maybe not.

I had an awesome time. It was odd to meet people who I have known online for so long. In some cases, their real word personas were different from their online personas. I got along really well with all the bizarro lit writers and had a good time hanging out with them all. I do not often gel with people like this and it never happens with an entire group. I guess there is a reason why we're all involved in the same literary scene.

There is a row of three glass elevators across from where I'm sitting. Their cords are swinging ominously. They are making me a little afraid to use them. I am on the second floor. I took the stairs. It's been over three years since I've ridden in one of those elevators. Maybe I will ride to the top floor later. I hear it is all glass and a really good view. This does not surprise me. I hope the chord does not snap while I'm traveling to this really good view. I think I just saw someone who was at the horror convention in one of the elevators. I think he competed in the gross-out storytelling competition. I do not think he had any charisma. I think he was still wearing his badge from the convention around his neck. I think he is very confused about why homeless people keep calling his name. I do not know why he is still wearing his badge. Maybe he wants everybody here to know his name, like Cheers.

So far, I am failing at my mission to eat at all my favorite restaurants in Salt Lake. I have only been to Betos. Although Carl Jr.'s is happening later since it's near the library. But I am not hungry yet.

I woke up today and thought it was the first of the month and that I was flying home today. I checked my calender. I was wrong. It was a little surreal. Eric Blair has an extra day to convince me to move back here. He will have to try very hard. Everything is so spread out here. That is annoying. Everything is so close together in Massachusetts. It's nice to get exercise and all, but there's not enough time in the day to walk an hour to buy a roll of toilet paper.

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