Thursday, September 18, 2008

TTB sells Oprah's bookclub selections in a yuppie mall

My right eye itches. Not long ago, it was itching so badly that I couldn't open it. I am thankful that I can now open it. I was hungry when I couldn't open it, so I walked to the kitchen. This was a little difficult to do without depth perception. I microwaved vegetarian corn dogs from Trader Joe's. I do this weird thing where I eat a lot of vegetarian food even though I'm no longer a vegetarian. I guess I got used to it from when I was a vegetarian. Plus I discovered recently that vegetarian food is pretty cheap at Trader Joe's. I used to not eat it so much because it's really expensive at most grocery stores.

I am not interested in politics. I used to be interested in politics, until Bush lost the popular vote in 2000 and still won the election. After that, I thought, Why should I care? I felt like what the people thought didn't matter. And then the 2004 election came around and the republicans seemed to have stolen the election with dirty tricks.

What's the point of voting? My vote doesn't count. I'm not going to vote in the next election. Maybe I would if I didn't live in a state where the majority always votes for the democratic candidate. I also wouldn't vote if I lived in a state where the majority always votes republican. Although I did when I lived in Utah.

Plus I'm not sure if I'm registered to vote. If I register, I'm afraid that I will be called for jury duty.

I have never served jury duty, although I have gotten a bunch of notices for it. I always received one a few days before I was supposed to move to another state, so I always ignored it.

I looked up the difference between a democracy and a republic this morning. I was interested because I thought they were the same thing, which is strange since the two parties are totally different. I found out that the government of a democracy rules according to their whims and the government of a republic seem to rule according to laws. I think the two parties are confused. They seemed to have mixed this up.

I watched a show called the UFO files on the History channel a few days ago. It was about our presidents' knowledge of UFOs. According to the program, some presidents are less knowledgeable than other presidents. Republicans seems to be "in the know" about UFOs, while Democrats are not told about these things. Ronald Reagan may be the one exception.

I am going to rewrite an application essay for grad school tonight. I will probably have to do a different version of it for each school. I am going to start on that now.


Jason Gusmann said...

grad school gives with one hand, takes with the other. i got my MSW about three years ago and i make more money than i did previously, but i'm less happy.

Bradley Sands said...

I want to get an MFA in writing. The goal is to make the same amount of money that I am now doing something that I like.

Jason Gusmann said...

making things equal out that way definitely sounds do-able. in your case, considering what little i know of you, the mfa in writing sounds like a plan. my biggest issue personally is when i started getting paid decently for doing something i liked, it turned into work. i always had that fear that if i ever got successful writing that might happen too. fat chance, tho.