Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ryan Call hides behind books to avoid capture from the police

Bradley Sands Brad is a 26year old, well tanned, white Bahamian with a Masters degree in oceanography. He works in his field at The Dolphin Experience caring for and studying dolphins, both in captivity and in the wild. He’s tall and weighing 185, is solidly built and fit.

The day before DWF died, I wrote a story that ended with the protagonist hanging himself. The protagonist was a writer. He is referred to as "the writer." The story is called "The Writer." I forgot how the story ended and I just reread it. After finishing, I said, "Jesus fucking Christ" out loud. I guess I won't be submitting that story anytime soon.

I keep trying to get into Donald Barthelme. I keep failing. Although there are a few stories here and there that I love.

I don't think I like "experimental writing." I don't like experiments in "form." I like fiction that does unique things with content, plot, characters, motion.

Steve Erickson novels are a good example. The writing is straightforward. The plot is constantly mutating through time and space.

I like stories that are simple and easy to follow. I like fiction that is difficult to follow, but only when hilarity makes the effort worthwhile, like Steve Aylett's Accomplice series.

I think I feel more comfortable reading a book or story that is written in first person. I definitely feel more comfortable reading a poem that is written in first person.

But I do not like it when an author writes many books and stories in first person and all the protagonists sound the same. I think an author who writes many things in first person needs to be an actor of sorts.

I just saw a movie called Neighbors. It was completely insane. It is an example of too many rewrites and edits making a movie incomprehensible and giving it surreal sort of logic. The movie is based on a novel written by Thomas Berger. I REALLY want to read the novel.

I spend way too much time on the internet. I wanted to go a week without it. I failed during the first day. I read a book about the life of Richard Brautigan. I kept coming across interesting things and looking it up on the Internet. It might be impossible for me to not use the Internet when it's so easily accessible to me.

I think I might read mostly non-fiction for a while. I think I'm entering into one of those phases.


ryan call said...

what are your favorite barthelme stories?

Bradley Sands said...

The School is my favorite.

Maybe the first one in Forty Stories where the protagonist talks about his baby.

The Balloon is pretty good.

A bunch I can't remember. I'd have to skim Sixty Stories to remember. I've skipped around that one and probably read half of that. There's just too much stuff and its too hit and miss. Would be better if it was shorter.

The last book I tried to read was Snow White. Didn't get very far. Just didn't like it. I'm quick to quit.

ryan call said...

have you read 'our friend colby'?

the school is really good

i also like the zombies

Bradley Sands said...

Yes, I read that one. It's good.

I'm not crazy about The Zombies. It's ok. It's highly readable. Of course I'm going to read a story titled The Zombies if it isn't written by a horror author.