Friday, September 5, 2008

kek-w is Tharg the Mighty's writer-bot of destruction

I live in a different town now. It is a compound word. "Town" is the second stem or whatever it's called. My room is pretty nice. I live with a cat. He is annoying and totally insane.

We have premium cable. Like ten different versions of HBO and Showtime and Cinemax. And we have On Demand for these channels. I can see myself wasting a lot of time watching movies. Hopefully this doesn't happen. So far, I have watched four movies. Two of them were written by John Hughes. I believe that he created the eighties. He is like the autistic child in the last episode of St. Elsewhere.

It has been a rough week. Moving+terrible terrible allergies+buying a car because my house is in the middle of nowhere+working too much=being on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

August was a waste. July probably also. I haven't really written anything substantial since June. I need to get back into it.

But I am high on allergy medication all the time, so that might not happen for a while. Maybe I will write allergy medication-induced poetry in the meantime.

The layout for the next Bust is finished. All I need to do now is send the back cover text and the page count to the cover artist/designer and get in touch with my printer who did not respond to the email that I sent a couple of weeks ago. Might have to find someone else, but I'll try their phone number next.

I've been slacking with the issue because of all the being on the verge of a nervous breakdown stuff.

Here's the issue's description:

Issue #8 of Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens demonstrates why this journal has been hailed as the figurehead publication for absurd and surreal literature. Throughout these pages readers will find a man with an endless supply of money in his pockets, a nun who finds teeth in her ice cream cone, and a giant mechanized Michael Ironside stalking the streets of Galveston, Texas. Readers will also find the apocalypse as experienced by the cast of Friends and a race of chickens that enslaves a man and forces him to eat the last egg ever to be eaten. No one theme or tone dominates this issue. Some stories feature mindless violence or irreal nonsense. Others display sharp cultural satire or brain-tingling wordplay. At a time when most fiction serves up the standard fare of realism and common sense, Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens issue #8 offers a zany feast for the ravenous imagination.

Listening to The Killer's first album. Really like it. Tried their second album. Boooring.

Decided on the colleges that I'm applying to. Three low residency programs: Naropa, Bennington, Goddard. And UMASS-Amherst just for the fuck of it. I think Naropa is my first choice, but I'm probably going to stay in Massachusetts, so the Vermont schools are within driving distance.

What else? I don't know. I'm interviewing Ryan Manning.


Brandi Wells said...

yay for picking schools. i don't say "yay" in real life.

kek-w said...

"Maybe I will write allergy medication-induced poetry in the meantime." - do it!

I don't say 'Yay' either. But I'd like to.

Gina Ranalli said...

The new issue sounds great! I want it!

Jason Gusmann said...

moving suuuuuuucks. almost as much as that second killers album. if allergy medication can't make that thing sound good, nothing can.