Saturday, February 16, 2008


I just woke up from a nap. I was having a dream. I was about to get raped in the ass, by a policeman I think. I have never been raped in the ass, but I imagine it's unpleasant. It might be less unpleasant when it's in reality rather than a dream, but I wouldn't want to experience that either.

I was being interviewed in a room. I may have been under suspicion. The policeman-type who was questioning me winked at me or something like that. Then he left the room and a second policeman entered to continue the interview. I believe that the first policeman was in cahoots with the second policeman. I believe he gets some sort of pleasure out of helping him. I believe there was an ass raping conspiracy that went a lot higher than these two. I think they might have been tag team interviewing. They might have tagged each other, but it was off camera, so don't ask me.

The second policemen forced me to sign something (maybe a confession!). While he did this, he leaned over and shoved his crotch at me. I believe that I was sitting in a chair. It may have been a chair that was specifically designed for ass raping, otherwise I don't understand how a guy can put his crotch next to my ass when I'm sitting down. Perhaps the bottom of the chair was equipped with sun roof technologies. Or maybe the angles of the dream world are all screwy. This is the most logical explanation.

My first thought was that the location of his crotch was an accident. Or it was just the least awkward place for it to be while he was forcing me to sign the something.

It made me think of a nurse at my doctor's office. She is kind of cute and has nice breasts. She sometimes takes my blood pressure. Her nice breasts always press against my shoulder. I do not complain. I thought it was the same way with the cop. That it was just the easiest place to put his body. the nurse trying to tell me something?

But then I felt an erection and a partial thrust and I flashed back to the grin on the other cops face and understood what it was about. So I forced myself to wake up.

I am sorry for the dream cop. I am sorry that he didn't get to enjoy butt raping me.

Butt raping is such a fun phrase. All horrible things need fun phrases to make them a little less horrible.

I would have gone back to sleep, but I sometimes have this thing where the dream continues if I go to sleep soon after forcing myself awake. This used to be pretty horrible. It would have nightmares. It would feel as if I had woken myself up hundreds of times each night. The only way to get away from the nightmare was to stay awake. I am currently suing the producers of Nightmare on Elm Street since the last sentence I wrote is sorta like the movies. If I win, I will never have to dream another day in my life.

Yes, I sleep during the day. I am glad too, or else I wouldn't have been able to play around with that work another day...cliche.

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