Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Magical Crosswalks

A car almost hit me today. It did not stop. I dodged it by power-walking back to the sidewalk.

I was walking across one of my town's magical crosswalks where the pedestrian always has the right of way and there is no traffic light. The driver yelled at me. I did not hear what she said. Maybe a reminder to look out for speeding cars when I'm using magical crosswalks.

This is ok with me. The magical crosswalk was getting its revenge for all the times I almost hit a pedestrian on a magical crosswalk. I usually brake though.

I wonder how often an evil sorcerer puts a curse on a magical crosswalk, causing discomfort to a pedestrian.


ryan call said...

we have magical crossroads at our university - but im always a little scared to use them with all the students driving their cars around

Bradley Sands said...

My ex that I wrote about in my last entry was always almost hitting people who walked on the magical crosswalks with my car.