Monday, February 11, 2008

Gas Station Poet

I started working at a gas station last month. I usually do the overnights. It is nice. I have lots of time for reading and writing. I can't do it for more than five days a week or I'll have to institutionalize myself.

Drunk people of various genders hit on me and give me their phone numbers. This is amusing. I called once and she didn't remember me. She text messaged me a link to her myspace page. I did not like her myspace page.

A few weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to try writing some poetry. I do not usually write poetry. I decided that I only wanted to do it at work. I wanted to get paid minimum wage to write poetry. My state's minimum wage is pretty high. I like some things about my state.

I wrote a bunch of poetry. Some of it was about working at a gas station, most wasn't. I think I've gotten this urge to write poetry out of my system. Back to fiction. I now have an urge to write a novella. I need to start on that. The book will be about television.

Here is a poem that I wrote. It is about working at a gas station. Please hop on one foot as you read it. You must do this. I WILL KNOW.

3:45 AM

i work third shift at a gas station
it is haunted

i once asked my assistant manager friend
if his gas station was haunted
he told me it was haunted by the ghost of savings
i am stealing that
my gas station is haunted by the ghost of savings

it isn't really haunted
but sometimes i think the
you must have been born
on or before
today's date
to purchase
natural american spirit
or any cigarettes
is a mirror

sometimes i see something moving in it
or maybe it's just an ordinary
everyday portal to another dimension

no one ever asks for natural american spirit cigarettes
i'm not sure if we have them

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