Monday, June 30, 2008

I Do Not Feel Like Myself Today

Got a new blog.

Going to start posting entries on it. Maybe tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe during the next few days.

Invite-only. Haven't invited anyone yet since I haven't posted yet. Give me your email if you want in.

It's going to be for a memoir. I want to work on a memoir. I have a bad memory. It will be an exercise in memory. I will fill in the gaps with ridiculousness. Fact will merge with fiction. I will not do any research. I will not ask my parents questions. It will be written out out order.

If published, it will be under a nom de plume. I will not feel restricted by my own name. My own name will not dictate what I can and cannot write about.

The working title is the same as this entry's. Good title, but too close to the title of another memoir that came out a while ago. And I don't want the work in progress title to match up with the published title.

I feel weird. Probably won't start it tonight. Trying to get back into my wacky sleep schedule.


Josh Maday said...

yes, please. sounds like it will be interesting stuff. writing one's life story is strange anyway. hey, check out Michael Kimball Writes Your Life Story (on a postcard). it'll be good warm up. you send him your life story and he writes it again on a postcard and sends it to you. i sent him mine, but i think i rambled on forever and i wonder if it's usable. i'd like to read your memior/fiction/memories though.

Bradley Sands said...

I don't think I could summarize my life story in so few words. Maybe, "Bradley Sands was born. Bradley Sands continues to live."

Or maybe I'd just list the places that I have lived, the schools where I have learned, the jobs that I've had, the books that I've written. That's a little boring.

Josh Maday said...

yeah, i'm not entirely sure how the five rambling pages is going to be distilled down to be able to fit on a postcard, but i'm interested to see. i mean, five pages is already superdistilled. we'll see.

you don't give yourself enough credit. you must have some interesting personal experience or you wouldn't be embarking on the memoir/fiction, right? i'm just saying.

Bradley Sands said...

Yeah, I could do five rambling pages, but not something short. I'm too long-winded. I was thinking that one page would be more appropriate.

Josh Maday said...

you're right, one page probably is more appropriate. but i am long-winded, too, especially when talking about myself. i get tangled and talk in circles and say 'i don't know' a lot.