Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I feel like this entry is really boring, my most boring entry ever.

I am at work. I am on my laptop. I have not brought in my laptop for a few days. I have not felt the need to do it since I finished the second act of my novella. I like going to work without my laptop. I get more reading done. If I go to work with my laptop, then I just waste time with stupid internet shit. I hate stupid internet shit, but I can't help it. I am powerless against stupid internet shit. I need to defeat stupid internet shit. I need to discipline myself. Stupid internet shit is stealing many hours from my life.

I also like going to work without a laptop because I've started to walk part of the way home after work and the laptop is heavy and hurts my shoulder if I carry it for more than like ten minutes. I usually take two buses to get home, but now I am taking only one. It is nice to walk, and I need an excuse to get a little exercise. I gained some weight over the winter.

I walk past Emily Dickinson's house every day on my way home from work. Does this make me all literary and shit? I don't think I've ever read an Emily Dickinson poem. I like the area around her house though. It is beautiful. Kind of garden-y. I wonder if I need to be with a tour guide or some shit to hang out there.

I always wondered where her house was. I've lived in the area two different times, for a total of about seven years, and I've never known.

The Prince of Candy showed me where they graveyard is where she is buried. It is next to a laundry mat that I once went to with him.

I thought her grave was next to her house for some reason. I was looking for it every time I passed her house, although I was not looking very hard. I did not leave the sidewalk. Having your grave next to your house is cool, but morbid.

I brought my laptop in today because I really wanted to write this blog entry. It's been a couple of days since I wrote anything, and I go crazy whenever that happens. I have Hypergraphia, I guess. And blog writing soothes me to some degree, although it's not as fulfilling as fiction writing, although it's a hell of a lot easier. And more fun overall. Because I don't strive for excellence.

Plus I don't like writing after work because I'm tired. I think I'm going to force myself to write blog entries after work from now on. I'd rather spend my free time at work reading.

I waste my time with stupid internet shit a lot less when I'm working on fiction and all motivated, but I don't want to start something new until after my fiction program next work.

I brought a book with me today: Jim Thompson's Savage Night. It is ok. I should read more of it after I'm finished typing this entry. It is a paperback. It is very light. It will not cause my shoulder to hurt more on my way home.

I am also reading The Cartoon History of the Modern World. I left it at home. It is a little heavy, but not as heavy as The Cartoon History of the Universe III, which I finished reading last night. I would have brought The Cartoon History of the Modern World with me if I didn't bring my laptop with me.

I feel like this entry is really boring, my most boring entry ever. I will write a better one tomorrow. Tomorrow will be my first real nights off in a while. I don't consider nights that I work on my fiction actual days off. I might not be at work, but I still feel like I'm working. Writing blog entries does not feel like working.

I will not have another real night off in a while, even though I have another one this week which is reserved for trying to get back to a normal sleeping schedule so I can be awake during my writing program. Then I have a week off for my writing program, which will not feel like a vacation. When I come back, I probably won't get another night off for a bunch of days. I will be exhausted during that bunch of days.

What should I do on this night off? I am considering taking over the world. Or waking up and going to a bar. Getting drunk. Going home. Sobering up while watching movies. Writing a blog entry that is much better than this one. That will probably be my entire night off.

I feel like blogging about writing is being really lazy. I want to stop blogging about reading and writing. I want to stop being lazy.

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kek-w said...

I think you should ring Emily Dickinson's door-bell and then run away.