Saturday, June 14, 2008

writing by people who I know

Eric Blair got a UNPAID job at a music zine. I wrote UNPAID because he likes bragging about the zine's high circulation and this is my revenge. Writing UNPAID in capital letters is my revenge. The zine is also free. This partially explains the high circulation. It is a pretty good zine, if you like reading about music. I do not like reading about music. Like I give a fuck what some dumbass musician has to say. I would rather listen to what a dumbass musician has to play. I really wish those two sentences didn't rhyme.

One of Eric Blair's responsibilities is to be a jerk to the people who write letters to the zine. He is very good at this job. Good job, Eric Blair. This is the job that he was born to do.


Micah Hacim and Tony (of "An Interview with Tony" fame) have a blog where they write about watching TV. It has been really good lately, although it gets updated about as often as I've been updating my own blog recently. It's much better than the Micah Hacim story that I "published" in this blog. I am also very surprised that Micah Hacim and Eric Blair haven't gotten married yet. They are very close. They like to snuggle. They need to visit me in Massachusetts. They need to visit a courthouse in Massachusetts.

Check out Micah Hacim and Tony's blog!

And lastly, my brother (who reads this blog) had a couple of short stories published. They were published on the Boston Phoenix website, which is the alternative weekly newspaper where he works as an assistant editor. He also has interns. I need interns. His stories are pretty decent. He should try to get his stories published at a place where he isn't an editor. Sometimes the sentences that I write make me feel like an asshole. I can't help it. My delete button is broken.


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Anonymous said...

I might visit. I'm on two weeks vacation. Maybe you want to go to Montreal for a few days.