Sunday, April 27, 2008

Naropa Essay Question #3

"What usually inspires or motivates you to write?"

I already answered this question in an essay, so I am going to cut-and-paste it. I am lazy.

It is not very long. I guess I can bullshit to make it longer, but I do not want to do that even though my initials are B.S. I feel that there's too much bullshit in college admission essays. I think it's 90% bullshit. I will destroy this bullshit.

Since this response is so puny, I want every person who reads this entry to answer the question in my comments.

My answer:

"Overwhelming urges. There’s a name for that: Hypergraphia. Although the authors who are associated with the term are very prolific while I’m kind of slow. I get a little depressed when I haven’t written prose for a few days. Finishing a long project is one of the best feelings that I’ve experienced, but it never lasts long. I usually feel antsy the next day and start working on something new."

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Grant Wamack said...

I feel the same way as you do.The only other thing I can add is certain images make me want to write. And reading something amazing as well.