Friday, April 4, 2008

anti-mental health bomb exploding in my brain

One of the first things that I saw after coming back from my trip was a clogged toilet. Welcome home!

The toilet seems to be invincible to a plunger and drano. Today, I called my landlord's son who repairs things in his father's properties. He has fixed the toilet before, with a device called a snake.

My landlord answered the phone. He said that his son had taken his own life yesterday.

I am sad. His son was a really nice guy. I am sad for my landlord. His son always seemed relatively happy.

My landlord seemed pretty calm. Maybe it hasn't hit him yet. After he realized that I was his tenant rather than his son's friend, he asked me if anything needed to be repaired. I was a little surprised that he asked this. I told him that the toilet was clogged. He told me that I had to take care of it myself. He was not mean when he said this, but he apologized afterwards as if he was being mean. I said goodbye and hung up. I forget to say something like "my condolences." I regret this a little. But I told him how sorry I was to hear about his son and how I liked him earlier on in the conversation.

My dog died too. My dad called me while I was having an overpriced beer in a hotel bar with a few writers. He died during surgery. I don't remember why he was having surgery. He was old. He wasn't really my dog. He was my parents' dog. I'm not sure if I lived with him for an extended period of time. He may have been around the last few years of high school. He was around the summer that I lived at home. He was around the few times that I lived with my parents after college. He was a very nice dog. His name was Gordon.

A couple of weeks ago, I found out that two of my housemates were moving out. There were both leaving behind their last last month's deposit, so I had this month to find their replacements. I was a little stressed about this before going on my trip. I get very stressed over every little thing. It is difficult to find two replacements at the same time. I tried not to think about this while I was in Salt Lake City. I was not looking forward to coming back and dealing with it since I'm usually the person in my house who finds new people because the others are usually too lazy.

Today, another roommate told me that she was moving out at the end of the month. Now I am very stressed out. I am going to find a new place to live instead of finding three new roommates. This will be easier. I hate finding a new place to live. I know how difficult it can be. I have interviewed potential housemates in the past. There is a lot of competition. I wish I had more friends in the area so I wouldn't have to deal with this stuff. They would probably either have rooms available or friends with rooms available. The Prince of Candy might be interested in getting a two bedroom apartment with me. He will tell me tomorrow. This will be very nice. I like the Prince of Candy a lot. I miss living with friends. But I looked at Craiglist today and two bedroom apartments seem a lot more difficult to obtain than an empty room in an already populated house.

This entry has became boring. I am stressed. I am sad. I rented the Nancy Drew movie out of the vending machine in the supermarket. I liked the Hardy Boys more than Nancy Drew when I was young. This is because I am male. Nancy Drew tries to solve the Black Dahlia murder. I wonder if she succeeds. I will see.


Anonymous said...

Get your own apartment. It's #1.

Bradley Sands said...

I would like to, but I can't afford it.