Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tattoos look all cool on younger people, but look crappy and white trashy on older people unless the tattoos are awesome.

This entry isn't good enough for a title and probably won't show up on people's blog rolls.

It is a secret entry.

I'm doing a sleep deprivation thing today to normalize my sleep schedule. It will be no fun, unless I start seeing magical creatures like that one time in college. I couldn't sleep for like three days though. Insomnia. I think I prefer sleep deprivation.


ryan manning said...

the asian britney spears

Bradley Sands said...

Finally a comment from you! I have been waiting. I have "made" it.

kek-w said...

Actually, it was "Indonesia's answer to Britney Spears."

I definitely haven't 'made' it.

I've had a shit week for insomnia. It's blown three days out of the water for me. Bummer.

Bradley Sands said...

Who is the Indonesian Britney Spears?

I rarely got insomnia after I starter sleeping in the afternoon/early evening.

I am getting tired and bored. Reading is putting me to sleep. Maybe I should walk somewhere.

kek-w said...

Dewi Persik.

Can't read today. Head hurts.

Just went for a run in the hope that would help, but the elastic went on my pants and they fell down while I was running. Lol.

That's English pants. Not American Pants.

This seems to have cheered me up.

I thrive on disaster.

ryan call said...

the trick is to not throw your running shorts in the drying machine

kek-w said...

What about my throwing shorts?