Wednesday, April 1, 2009

my salami has a first name

The new issue of The Dream People is out:

The Dream People=Awesome

I have a story in there. I wrote it the night before David Foster Wallace's suicide, so I'm a psychic. It was tasteless of me to submit it, but not tasteless of me to write it.

I just started writing one prose poetry story a day. Depending on my level of concentration, it takes me an hour or two to do. It took me a while to get started because I've been having major TMJ head pain. And days when I suffer from major TMJ head pain are days that do not exist.

My first poem was accepted for the next issue of Mud Luscious. Thanks J.A. for doing that and for giving me the title/subject.

My second poem was accepted for The Brandi Wells Review: Thanks Brandi Wells for doing that and for giving me the title/subject matter.

Tonight, if tonight exists, I will write a poem for Jereme: A Journal of Dean fiction. It will be called "A Suicidal Amputee Tries to Kill Himself by Rolling Off His Bed, Down the Stairs, Through the Screen Door, and Into Traffic; Some Dominican Kids Poke Him With Sticks Too, and an Eagle Shits on Him."

I think I'm going to start playing the submissions game like all of you guys. I seems like it would be fun. I'm usually not a big submitter. Maybe one story a month. I don't care about getting shorts published as much as getting motivated. Knowing that a person likes something enough to publish it is good motivation to write more.

I like writing prompts. If anyone has one, I will write a poem for you and submit it to your lit journal, regardless of whether or not you actually have one.


TonyandMeWatchTV: Resurrection said...

write me a story about a texas cowboy and his pal, the jeanie, on vacation.

nathantyree said...

Write a story for magazine of the dead ( please.


A headless man falls in love with a bowl of rice.

you can send it to

Grant Wamack said...

Write a story about a sloth and the newspaper boy.