Sunday, April 12, 2009

online journals that I "co-founded" are seeking submissions

Wamack: A Journal of the Arts:

Send your weird fiction to

Word length:1-3000 words.

What we want: weird fiction, bizarro, absurd and anything else that fits in-between these genres. Well-written tales are expected. Stories that flow nicely. We want pieces of art or at least something resembling art.

Kek-W Quarterly

5 - 350 words.

Any language.

Looking for originality and a unique voice. Duh.
Some sort of emotional impact, even if oblique or intangible.
A narrative thread rather than just words thrown together.
A mood, atmosphere, flava, vibe.

Prose rather than Trad. Poetry.

Points given for combining genres, formats: show me something I've never seen before. But no experimentation for experimentation's sake.

I reserve the right to contradict myself or ignore any of the above at any point that I feel like.

If I reject your submission it doesn't mean that you or your work suck; it just means I, oh, you know...

If sending v. short pieces, then send several.

kekw10cc [at] googlemail [dot] com


Mel Bosworth said...

We don't know each other. But the potholes in Amherst are ridiculous. God Bless.

Bradley Sands said...

Where do you live?

I won't be living in Massachusetts for long.

The potholes on Bay Road when it's a few minutes from the Belchertown border are especially ridiculous.

Mel Bosworth said...

Ha! Nice. To be somewhat vague, I'm in the neck of Belchertown/Amherst/Northampton. Bay Road is the best secret superhighway in the world....It's rare that I bump into area people on the ole introwebs so I thought I'd give you a shout.