Thursday, March 26, 2009

jello jigglers

Someone give me a topic for a prose poem. I'll make you feel special. I'll submit it to your lit mag. Doesn't everybody who reads this have one of those?

I need to get back into it, maaan.

Getting antsy. Haven't worked on anything new (except that story for my bro's birthday) in a month or so.

Withdrawal symptoms.

Have done a lot a lot a lot of editing during this time. Dragons with Cancer, the new Bust, my novel.

I want to write one prose poem a day. I don't want a substantial project.

I need to write an essay. So I'm going to do it on Steve Erickson. Have been rereading his books. Taking lots lots lots of notes. Feels like it's been keeping me from writing. I'll make the time.

I was trying to fall asleep, but I stopped trying to fall asleep so I could write this post.


j. a. tyler said...

prose poem topic:

the architects of the dismantling

Brandi Wells said...

today my cat fell out of a tree. he was not upset.

Bradley Sands said...

Thanks. I will be submitting prose poems to Mud Luscious and The Brandi Wells Review.

jereme said...

bradley you make me laugh a lot.

i like the idea of dragons with cancer.

even our dreams are rotting.

write a prose poem about a suicidal amputee trying to kill himself by rolling off his bed, down the stairs, through the screen door and in to traffic.

have some dominican kids poke him with sticks too.

and an eagle should shit on him.

Bradley Sands said...

I like that idea, Jereme. Haven't started writing prose yet. Have had TMJ headaches the last few days, which makes me lazy. Still reading for like eight hours a day though.