Thursday, May 22, 2008

this entry is a little boring is some paragraphs

I just ate breakfast at a diner near me, although I doubt it's validity as a dinner because it shares a building with a DVD rental store and an asian food market. All the customers were elderly. That was a little weird. I wonder if no one my age who lives near me eats out at eight thirty in the morning. I guess they are either sleeping or commuting to work.

My roommates are leaving at the end of this month. The Prince of Candy is replacing them. That will be nice. I like the Prince of Candy. It will be the first time in a long time that I will be living in a place that feels like it's "mine." Since my current roommates lived here before me, it feels like their place. My house before that had five people, so it did not feel like "mine." I moved into it with a friend, his friend, the friend's brother, and the friend's workmate. A lot of people moved in and out while I was there. My friend joined the Peace Corp and moved to Romania.

I think the only time that I've ever lived in a place that was "mine" was when I summer subletted two different apartments during college.

The Prince of Candy is probably my oldest friend. I met him when I was eighteen. I think he might have been like twenty-five, but I forget. He would be the adult guardian to my alcoholic beverages that he purchased on my behalf at a goth club.

I think he moved away the next year. He lived in Brooklyn in a neighborhood that was filled with hasidic jews. I visited him there once or twice or three times. Once was around my twenty-first birthday. We went to see Einst├╝rzende Neubauten the day before I turned twenty-one. We found out it was a 21+ show and the doorman was very anal retentive. He would not let me in. The Prince of Candy claims that I then pretended to be retarded to get the doorman to let me in. I do not remember doing this, but it did not work. The Prince of Candy did not abandon me to see Einst├╝rzende Neubauten by himself, even though he likes them a lot (at least I think he does). That was nice of him. After that, I lost contact with him until a couple of years ago. He lived in a bunch of different places, including Korea.

I used to not be good at keeping in contact with people. This is before I used the Internet every day.

Two years ago, I stumbled across The Prince of Candy's profile on Friendster in the Cool People in Your Area section. It said that he was twenty-eight, which was two years older them me. I wrote him a message. He claims that it only consisted of: "You are SO not twenty-eight!" I do not remember it only consisting of that sentence, but the thought of that amuses me.

Ever since we started hanging out again, he refuses to tell me his real age. I would guess that it is thirty-six. We have a shtick going on between us regarding his fake/real age. I think he enjoys this shtick, so he will not tell me his real age so we can continue with our shtick. I vow to find out his real age this summer while he is living with me. He will find clues around the apartment. I will discover these clues. I will triumph. I am a master detective. I am Sherlock Holmes and he is my Moriarty.

He says, "Not to expect him to stay past August."

This is boring, but stressful:

I found out yesterday from my building's real estate office person that getting onto the lease for my apartment in order to renew it in September is not as easy as my roommates told me it would be. My weekly income needs to be equivalent to one month's rent in order to be on the lease by myself.

Two people can also be on the lease if their combined weekly income is equivalent to one month's rent. But The Prince of Candy does not want to be on the lease since he's probably not staying past August.

So we're now officially summer subletters.

I had originally thought that I might need to find a new place to live after the summer because the process of finding a roommate through a Craig's List ad would be annoying since I might tell someone that I'm down with living with them and then they (or both of us) might not get approved for the apartment. So then I would have to find someone else (assuming I would have been approved). That is very annoying and stressful. So I thought it would be easier to find a room in a new place. Taking over someone else's lease or whatever.

But now I have a new idea. I think I will try to get a teaching job in Korea. I have been thinking about doing this for years. I have been very wishy-washy about it.

I emailed my mother about it:

I think that I'm going to try to find a job in Korea for September and teach there for a year. I have a friend in Korea who thinks he can get me a job. I really want to do this.

I'm getting tired of this place (although I would be happy about returning for grad school). I don't want to have to look for a new place to live again, and that would most likely happen. I don't want to work at a gas station for another year, and that's assuming I get into grad school. I want to actually use my college degree to advance myself career-wise. I want to get some teaching experience (since I want to be a creative writing professor). And being a teacher will look a lot better on a grad school application than being a cashier at a gas station. I really want to do something with my life besides write and edit. Those are the only things that I have accomplished since graduation.

Plus teaching in Korea pays well and I would like to pay off my credit card debt and start saving for grad school. I can't really do this from working at a gas station. I just make enough money to live off of and pay the minimum monthly payments on my credit card.

September is the ideal time since I won't be tied down to a lease and if all goes well, I will be going to grad school the following September. And the teaching contracts in Korea are for one year.

She hasn't responded back yet. That makes since because it is still a little early. She probably won't be too happy about this decision.

Update: My mother seems to be ok with it. I think she may be tired of telling people that her son works at a gas station.

I still need to email my friend in Korea about it. I have not written to him in a while.

I also told my mother about my novella.

I just started working on it again last night. I feel like it will be easy to write. I really like my main character. The writing process for it is fun. I now have an outline that is over ten thousand words long. So may it will be a novel rather than a novella.

The chapter that I wrote last night was extremely short. Maybe 450 words. I think it took me an hour, which is a lot quicker than normal for me. The two chapters before it are significantly longer. I've written about 3,452 words so far.

I'm going to wait for notes from my mentor before I begin writing the third act. He is very busy. He won't be around to help in July. He's ok'd the first two acts. I think I will try to write a chapter a day. I think there are thirteen chapters in the first two acts. It shouldn't take very long to write.

I will work on it at work and after work. I believe I am incapable of waking up early to work on it before work.

I waited until last night to work on it because I have this thing about waiting until a night off to work on my writing when it's something new or something that I've been away from for a long time. I have been away from writing fiction for a bunch of weeks. I think this book is easy enough to do at work.

I should have written more than just the one chapter last night, but I was tired and didn't want to drink my caffeinated tea in fear that it would give me insomnia. Plus I am a little stressed out and wanted to take it easy.

I also replied to a few emails, watched Diary of the Dead and the last episode of Lost, and did laundry. I do not understand how all these things added up to an entire night. One day I will try to figure out where all my time goes.

Diary of the Dead was surprisingly good considering how much Land of the Dead sucked. It was not as good as George Romero's three famous zombie films, but pretty close. Some of the acting could have been better. It was also surprisingly good because I think most horror movies being made these days suck. They're just so unpleasant. I think I've only seen one other one this year that I liked. And I used to love horror movies when I was younger. I think at this point of my life, I'd rather see movies that make me happy than depress me with their violence.

I like writing long blog entries. Go fuck yourself.

Sorry to be rude. I imagine all these people complaining about reading long blog entries. They should go fuck themselves.


Mike Young said...

That's a good breakfast restaurant. Better than "one" would expect. I like it. But I'm never up.

Yes, I did read the whole thing too.


i dont usually like long blog posts but i always read all of yours. i am looking forward to reading the novella blog. i want to challenge the title of the prince of candy.

Bradley Sands said...

Yes, Blake, be my arch nemesis.