Friday, May 16, 2008


Got into a car accident today.

During: I thought, I am dying, how odd.

I did not die. I have a nasty bruise on my leg.

It was not fun like the only other car accident that I had, ten years ago.

I have never been in the same room as an airbag until now.

The car is fucked.

This laptop that I'm typing on right now also did not die.

I am getting the nasty bruise on my leg checked out by a doctor in a little more than an hour.

It will be during my bedtime.

This is unfortunate. I could not get out of work tonight. Although I got the OK to show up a couple of hours late.

I hope I can walk. If not, I do not think I will be showing up a couple of hours late.

Gah, I do not like public transportation.

I am afraid of driving now though, so we must learn to love each other.

I do not think I want to drive again for the next one two of my life.

A car hit me while I was turning and then I hit a bus that was standing stationary at a bus stop. I will wait at this bus stop tomorrow for the bus. My roommate was in the bus at the time. I find this very amusing. He might as well. The bus got away on its own four wheels. I think I might need to make a bus my own personal vehicle. I would prefer it if the bus was my own personal jesus. But I would like it even more if it were my own personal pan pizza.

I would like to hear Eric Blair's Personal Pan Pizza song right now.


Josh Maday said...

man, sorry to hear about this. i wish i could say something that would help and not sound stupid. i totaled a car when i was 17 or 18; it was rear wheel drive and the road had some snow on it from the night before and i started fish-tailing and ended up going backwards and smashing into a pine tree; i might have been toast if i hit the tree with my door instead of my tail light. i'm glad you're okay, bradley.

Anonymous said...

Don't you die on me Brad - not ever!

Mike Young said...

Yikes. Glad you're alright, dude.


best wishes as well. cars are deathtraps.

Bradley Sands said...

Thanks all.