Saturday, January 17, 2009

Disco Biscuits

Fans of Disco Biscuits all wear stupid looking hats and buy an excessive amount of candy.


Matt DeBenedictis said...

Fans of Disco Biscuits are made of candy. Upon their second show they earn the right to go into the transformation room backstage. In this room candy is pumped into their bodies until their heart becomes sugar in itself. This shit is in the bible. But this shit is only hinted at in the koran.

Bradley Sands said...

One girl kept smiling at me. It was creepy. It wasn't a flirty smile. It was a psychotic smile. It was a Joker smile. It was a "I have taken four tabs of ecstasy and cannot stop smiling even though Batman is dead" smile.

Matt DeBenedictis said...

That is the type of smile that burns down a city and then buys shovels and gloves for people to help rebuild it.