Thursday, December 2, 2010

It Came from Below the Belt is going out of print on December 14th now would be a good time to buy it if you've been meaning to.

It is my first published book (and my first published novel) and I am very fond of it.

You can get it through Amazon.

Here is the back cover synopsis:

Meet Grover Goldstein: Twenty-First Century rascal, trainee provocateur, boy next door who won't stop snickering at you from behind the lawn gnome. Swallowed by a giraffe and regurgitated oodles of years into the future, Grover must satisfy his urge to go home—even if it means going back to high school and helping his severed, and sentient, penis win the presidential election.

Come along to Assumption High as Grover tries to answer the age-old question, "What if I had forgotten then what I don'’t know now?"

And blurbs:

"Bradley Sands’ debut novel is an absurdist dreamscape that subverts the physical laws of the world as we know it and exposes a brilliant new arena of bizarro existence. In It Came from Below the Belt, the body becomes a surreal, grotesque playground as enfant terrible Grover Goldstein tears through the libidinal fabric of time and space on an uncanny journey to the end of the night. This is speculative fiction at its best. Sands is a talented, fearsome, comic visionary who will usher you into the psychedelic matrix of futurity." - D. Harlan Wilson, author of The Kafka Effekt, Stranger on the Loose, and Pseudo-City

"Reading the work of Bradley Sands caused me to vomit happiness and sunshine from my eyeballs. Highly recommended." - Kevin Donihe, author of Shall We Gather at the Garden? and editor of Bare Bone

"I came, I saw, I read, I laughed, I fell out of my chair. You're more unstable than I am. Well done! Just beware those big brawny guys with the net. They're faster than they look. And you've got more books to write. Rock on." - Kris Saknussemm, author of Zanesville

A link to an excerpt:

And Lucas Aguirre's cover art:


Jason Gusmann said...

every time i picture "bradley sands" i picture the cover-creature instead of the bald fellow in the black and white photo - for better or worse

I am not Kek-w said...

No! Tell me it ain't true. Books should be forever!

Every time I picture "bradley sands" I imagine a seahorse in a tux with a smooth line in chat-up patter.