Thursday, December 4, 2008

i forgot that i made sam pink a character in the shitty novel that i was working on and am not working on anymore

Grover woke up. He was outside. He was on the ground. A member of Truth and Consequences High's security was looking down at him. The security guard's name was Sam Pink. He was mentally retarded. Truth and Consequences High was an equal opportunity employer. Sam Pink wanted to become a police officer, but he failed the stupidity test. He was too intelligent. Sam Pink wrote poetry. His poetry put him on the FBI watch list. It was very violent and all dealt with his plot to assassinate the president.

"Hi, Grover," said Sam Pink. "I am going to knock out your teeth and then pile them on top of each other. Then I am going to climb up your teeth and sodomize the man in the moon. He will finally have something to smirk about. His anus blood will rain down upon the Earth. Crops will grow at a rapid rate. They will all be shaped like my bowel movements. When people eat vegetables, they will be eating bowel movement shaped-vegetables. The bowel movement-shaped vegetables will explode out of their stomachs and do snazzy dances. The shape of my bowel movements in the form of vegetables shall inherit the Earth." He made a retarded face. "Did you like my poem? If you didn't, I will cum on your pet armadillo."

Grover said, "No, Sam Pink. I didn't like your poem. I hate you, Sam Pink.

Sam Pink said, "Why aren't you in school, Grover? Want to watch cartoons?"

Grover didn't answer him. Instead he knocked out Sam Pink's teeth, piled them on top of each other, climbed up them and sodomized the man in the moon. Then the man in the moon's anus blood rained down upon the Earth, causing crops to grow at a rapid rate, shaped like Sam Pink's bowel movements. People at the vegetables and the bowel movement-shaped vegetables exploded out of their stomachs and did snazzy dances. But the bowel movement-shaped vegetables did not inherit the Earth because the U.S. Army took their asses down before their dying uncle could bequeath the Earth to them in their will. And Grover walked home.