Tuesday, June 16, 2009

dreams are boring

First full day of writing program classes. Very busy. Just finished my homework for the night. Feels weird to type "homework."

Yesterday, I heard a recording of Allen Ginsberg. Last night, had a dream where I was sitting next to Allen Ginsberg in the audience of a Quiz show. Jack Kerouac was a contestant. A sorta flapper version of Paris Hilton was playing. She was molesting Jack Kerouac. He was not happy about this.

I once went to an Acumen concert in NYC at The Bat Cave. A man and a woman were standing in front of the stage, rubbing the bassist's crotch. He was not happy about this. He was trying to get away. He was unsuccessful.

I was simultaneously Jack Kerouac and myself. Allen Ginsberg was simultaneously the flapper and himself. He was wearing her clothes. Allen Ginsberg was rubbing me. Not sure if I was happy about this. Maybe uncomfortable. Maybe an emotion I cannot comprehend since it was a dream.

Ended up without clothes. Suddenly, Jack Kerouac was dead. Suddenly Allen and I were in his apartment. It was sort of a museum. Nothing had been changed/removed since the day he died. For some reason, the flapper lived next door. Did something in her apartment. Don't recall what. Not sure if she's dead or not home.

Put on Jack's clothes at Allen's suggestion. Wearing sweat pants. Leave. Find it the authorities are all pissed that I stole Jack's clothes. It's a really big deal. They are pissed. There was a journal in my pocket, which makes it much worse. Odd how I didn't notice the wait of the journal while I was in sweat pants.

Return the clothes. Past crimes are forgiven. Authorities are ok with me hanging out in Jack's old apartment. Allen and I chill.

Dreams are boring.


Matt DeBenedictis said...

The last dream I remembered was me eating, just having a nice sandwich. I was happy about the sandwich and unconcerned about anything but it. My brain is bored.

Ryan W. Bradley said...

boring is dreaming about placing a book order for work or straightening the shelves at work, both of which i've had.

Bradley Sands said...

Once I dreamed an advertisement for the first book of the comic, Cerebus. I bought it the next day.

Ryan W. Bradley said...

when i was a kid i had dreams i was reading baseball boxscores, and when i looked in the newspaper the next day my dreams were always right.

Jason Gusmann said...

my dreams are boring. yrs - not so much boring, more like being told about a movie you didnt see. or feel.

jereme said...

dreams are for fags