Thursday, May 21, 2009


Thinking about moving this blog to my website since it gets barely any hits and my blog gets lots. And it would be nice if people actually checked my website on occasion.

But I don't know since I barely write in this thing any more. Will probably wait until I'm feeling more motivated.

I did my last overnight shift on Tuesday night, stayed up until 9 pm last night, and woke up early today so I could begin my new, normal sleep schedule. I'm happy about the idea of becoming a day person. I've always been a night person, but staying up all night for a year and a half caused me to lust after the idea of becoming a day person. It has given me a newfound appreciation of sunlight.

Going hiking today with a few friends to the highest point in my area. It will be nice. I usually only hike with one person because he's the only guy who's cool with going on early morning hikes with me (since I would go to sleep early in the afternoon). But now I'm going at 1 pm, so others are down as well.

Going to Long Island on Saturday to visit my parents for a little over a week. Might go to Opium's Literary Death Match. My father was buddies with one of the readers in high school.

Flying to Boulder around the beginning of next month. Naropa's summer program starts a few weeks later. My first workshop is with Laird Hunt.

Need to start writing fiction again. Haven't done that in a bunch of days. Was working on a novel-sort of thing. But got tired of it. Stopped around 5000 words. Hoping being in my childhood home will reignite my interest in the "book" because that is the setting.

Have been reading tons of books lately.


Mel Bosworth said...

Did you go to Mount Norwottuck? Nasty little hike, but great view. Why pick the one day of the week that was 90+ degrees?

We should have a cup of something sometime. Even if we don't know what to talk about, at least we'd have a cup of something to sip.

Bradley Sands said...

We did Mount Holyoke in Skinner Park.

Thanks, but I'm moving away, permanently, on Saturday. I can probably meet for a meal in Belchertown today or for breakfast Saturday morning if you want.

Bradley Sands said...

Guess I was wrong about it being the highest point.

Mel Bosworth said...

Hey, Bradley.

Well....flibberdy floo. I guess a breakfast/tea/coffee/fruit roll up meeting will have to wait. Best of luck with the move. If you ever find yourself in the area again, for whatever reason, feel free to drop me a note.

Enjoy the weekend, and remember: bend your knees when lifting heavy things.