Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jaguar Uprising Press warning

TTB says that you should not buy things through their website. You may never see your money again. You may never receive a book. The Industry is trapped in an insane asylum for insane wrestlers with no internet access. John McCain put him in there or something. I don't know. I don't know what the hell TTB was talking about. He was wearing a bandanna on his head.

Email TTB regarding Jaguar Uprising stuff:

He promised me that he would respond.

Bloggers: Spread this message. Post it on your blog or whatever. People should be warned about losing their money.


j. a. tyler said...

thanks for the posting, bs.

and thanks to sam pink covering his ass, I did receive the copy of yum yum that I paid for at jup.

yum yum is spectacular, so I don't want sam pink to lose audience or potential to get this chap out, but the warning is good: don't buy from jup.

Bradley Sands said...

TTB and The Golden Bear are going to be doing other stuff by themselves. Lit journal. Additional chapbooks. They can't access the website/paypal account though. TTB wishes The Industry would take it down.

j. a. tyler said...

yes, yes.

a lit journal & add. chaps would be stellar.

very nice.

jereme said...


i bought 4 copies from jup

3 emails to the industry

no response

jereme want to smash but jereme getting old and no longer care if young boys want to fuck him over

unless jereme meet people who fucked jereme over and jereme is drinking

then jereme probably go to jail for baseball bat matinee dance time

jereme no want to do that

jereme been to jail a few times

jereme not found of barred cells

jereme just want an email saying 'hi sorry'

jereme just want young boys to act like men and own up to their shit

this is all jereme want

Bradley Sands said...

hack the jup site. fill it with penis pictures