Sunday, February 22, 2009

your bedtime is a lie

Today I deposited a check in an ATM and pressed the NO RECEIPT button without thinking. It probably won't be a big deal because I've never had a problem with depositing checks into ATMs in the past. But my life is filled with many moments like this where I make little mistakes while on autopilot.

I remember sitting shotgun in my father's car when I was very young. It was a piece of junk. I could always hear the transmission fluid or gasoline or some sort of liquid sloshing back and forth while he was driving it. One day, the radio was turned on and a song played that I will remember for the rest of my life although I have no idea what it was. It sounded like there was a lot of shouting. I had never heard a song with a lot of shouting. It sounded very strange. I think it was a classic rock station since my father likes to listen to classic rock. I am wondering what the song was. Maybe Joe Cocker since he sort of sounds like he's shouting? Tom Waits would have totally blown my mind.

Now I listen to music with shouting all the time. I am living that moment over and over again.

I have been enjoying Cradle of Filth lately, although the singing is more like banshee wailing than shouting. I always avoided them in the past because I had thought they were they AFI of death metal, but they are actually very good.

The guy who played Pinhead says things on the new album. He's supposed to be playing the character of the Gilles de Rais, but his voice reminds me of Aleister Crowley's voice, which I heard in an old recording. Yesterday, Dennis Cooper linked to a lecture that Aleister Crowley gave on the Gilles de Rais: I have not read it.

I googled "Doug Bradley" and "Crowley" a few days ago and found out that Doug Bradley had played a character in a movie that was pretty much Crowley with a different name around the time the Cradle of Filth album was recorded. It was an adaptation of a Clive Barker story. The story appeared in one of his Books of Blood collections. I like those collections a lot. I don't like Clive Barker's later novels where he turns into Stephen King and writes eight hundred pages when the books should have been two hundred pages long. He's written some good novellas also. I've read about five of his novels and I hated them all.

I notice that I write in character a lot when I'm writing posts or emails. Since I'm working on a first person novel, my outside writing sounds like my character's. Like I am a method actor or something. I think I want to reinvent my writing style with each new book that is written in the first person. I think this is unnecessary if my books are written in third person. I think it might be kind of cool for all my third person books to retain the same style/voice and for my third person books to be completely different. I don't know if it's worth it to reinvent my style for a short story. It is difficult. I don't know if it's worth doing it for something so short. I wish I could switch back and forth between styles with ease. But I cannot. It used to be very difficult for me to write because my sentences were so compressed and idea-saturated. Now it's very easy for me to write. But I am incapable of switching back to compression and idea-saturation. I hope to do this in the future.

I have noticed that a lot of bloggers start sounding like other bloggers in their entries. That's funny. Like a person who lives with another person and starts talking like them. I think Tao and Blake are big influences in this regard.

I think California is a funny state. A bunch of liberals elected and reelected a republican for governor because they thought it was funny. I think people should always make important decisions based on whether or not something is funny.

This porno is funny. There is a moment of brilliance:

I was going to embed it, but I don't want to add the "this blog has adult content" thing every time someone clicks on it.

Search for "classic funny porn!" to see another good one. It's not linking for some reason. It's not funny though. Just bizarre. Good bizarre rather than gross bizarre. I've had the idea for the same kind of porn.


James said...

Cradle of Filth is actually the AFI of gothic metal and of black metal, FYI, not death metal. I can't remember if I would have raved about this to you, though, but if you haven't listened to their cover of Iron Maiden's "Hallowed Be Thy Name" you need to, because it is one of the best cover tracks ever recorded.

Bradley Sands said...

You're the AFI of guys in the Netherlands.

I'm listening to that song now. It's good, but I don't think I've heard the original. I think I downloaded the album that it's supposed to be on, but it was not among the songs.

James said...

the original is on Number of the Beast, and is one of Maiden's best songs. you should listen to it. it was the final encore the one time that I saw Iron Maiden live and Bruce Dickinson's voice was kind of shot by the, so that every high note sounded like it was coming out of a leaky pipe, but it was still one of the best live music experiences of my life. I can e-mail you the song if you want it.

but anyways the Cradle of Filth version is equally awesome, but in a totally different way, kind of like the way Johnny Cash's cover of "Mercy Seat" relates to the Nick Cave original. speaking of which, "Mercy Seat" and "Hallowed Be Thy Name" are my two favorite songs sung from the point of view of a condemned man being led to his execution.

Bradley Sands said...

I really like Iron Maiden by Iron Maiden. I heard that recently. Are there other songs like that? It sounds like The Damned or a band like that rather than a cheesy metal band. I'm not that familiar with Iron Maiden, but they make me think of cheesy metal.

Bradley Sands said...

I'm listening to the original song now. And yes, it's pretty cheesy. It's pretty ok though. I think I want to hear their first album.

James said...

yeah, the entire first two Iron Maiden albums (with Paul DiAnno as vocalist) have that feel-- somewhere between punk and NWOBHM. as soon as Bruce Dickinson joined the band they switched to the more-polished sound they've had since. so grab the self-titled album and "Killers" if that's what does it for you.

that being said, in my opinion the Iron Maiden sound didn't get cheesy until "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son". (and I love that album-- I love cheesy Iron Maiden-- but that's sort of the transition album between Iron Maiden as an awesome, dynamic, original band and Iron Maiden as a fun, pump-your-fist-in-the-air cheese band).

Bradley Sands said...

I think that maybe I don't like any Iron Maiden songs besides Iron Maiden by Iron Maiden, although I will probably never know the truth. It's a good song.

James said...

that is some serious weak sauce, boy. I'm revoking your Heavy Metal merit badge.